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Baratang Island Andaman

About the Island

The small and beautiful island of Baratang is located in the North and Middle of Andaman district. It is approximately at a distance of about 160 km from the capital city of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Port Blair.

This place has not been much explored yet; hence, it is an offbeat destination for the wandering traveller who seeks joy in exploring places.

Another name given to the Baratang Island is Ranchiwalas Island. Baratang Island has the India’s only mud volcano, limestone caves, tropical forests, mangrove caves and the virgin beaches. The connecting trunk road between Rangat and Mayabunder passes through a lush green path in Baratang Island.

This island is the best place to visit, to know the unique culture and region of people of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

History of the Island

Due to a political disturbance in Ranchi during 19th century converted many people intro Christianity. In order to take refuge, people migrated to Baratang Island as India was still under the British Rule at that time.

After realising the worth of forests of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Britishers sent troops to convert people into Christianity, so that they can generate labour to cultivate crops on this island of Baratang. Thus, this island also has another name- Ranchiwalas.

Geography of the Island

The island is spread over an area of about 243 square kilometres and is of the main islands of Andaman and Nicobar. Towards the north of the Baratang Island lies the middle of Andaman, towards the east is the archipelago of islands and in the direction of Ritchie and Port Blair is towards the south of the Baratang Island.

There are three main villages of this island, Nilambur, Adozig and Rangat and roughly has the population of 5700 people in their village. There is the only mud volcano of India in Baratang Island. This island is also home for many limestone caves, lush green tropical forests, mangrove caves and virgin beaches. The population of this island is mainly of Jarawa Tribe who have completely cut themselves from the non-local people.

Best time to visit Baratang Island

The months between October to June are the best to visit this island. The temperature in summers can rise up to 35 degrees and as low as 15 degrees in winters. Hence, the time period between October-June is the best to visit Baratang Island.

During the summers, all the water sports in the island are open, i.e.; April-June.

The monsoon season between September-July also brings many tourists to this place but the heavy rainfalls often create unpredictable sea and water sports option.

Winters are not severe at all in this island; hence one can also plan a trip to this place in winters to have a great time in pleasant weather.

Things to do in Baratang Island

Mangrove creek- the boat ride in the beautiful and enchanting mangrove creek is a must as they give the best view of green plantation all around; canopying creeks in the tropical forests gives a thrilling experience to the adventure loving travellers.

Lime Stone cave- Nature is breathtakingly beautiful and Baratang Island leaves no stone unturned to prove the statement right but this island also had extremely magnificent limestone caves which attract tourist from all over the world. These caves were made many million years ago because of the repeated deposition of limestone on the earth’s surface. One can reach these scenic caves after having a calm and serene boat ride of 45 minutes, enjoying the view around on their way to caves. This experience is worth remembering al your life.

Mud Volcano- Almost all the people have only heard of the lava volcanos existence, but this island is home to the only mud volcano in India that erupts mud rather than lava. The first eruption of this volcano was recorded in 1983. This is a sight not to miss by the travellers.

Food of Baratang Island

This island has wide variety of food and the exotic cuisines to offer its travellers. The food available on this island is mainly dominated by the sea food. Hence, this place is a paradise for all these sea food lovers. There are many tropical fruits available which are very tasty and refreshing. One can find India, Chinese, Continental food also as every year there is a considerable growth in the population visiting this beautiful and scenic island.

Is it safe?

This famous tourist spot is very safe to visit. One will always find that there are people on duty present on the beaches in every corner to ensure the safety of travellers. The water sports are also performed under the professional supervision and guidance and the safety of the travellers is the foremost important thing to look after in this scenic natural beauty of island. The Andaman Police is always vigilant throughout the day to ensure the strict following of the laws.


The weather is pleasant all the year round, though the best time to visit in the island is between October to June. The summers here are moderate with the maximum temperature being 35 degrees and also the winters of this island are not very extreme, usually the temperature is minimum 15 degrees.


Indian currency is used everywhere in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There are several ATM machines to make your travel convienient.

Connectivity to other islands

To reach Baratang Island from Port Blair, several buses comply on the route. To visit the places inside the Baratang Island there are many boat rides offered. People can always opt for the water ways like Boat, ferries to visit other islands in Andaman.

Hotels and Accommodation

There are many hotels available for the tourists in the island ranging from prices like INR 500 to INR 25,000 according to the budget of the traveller. One can also find luxurious cottage to stay and beautiful resorts with beach view.


Travellers can find a hotel accommodation as cheap as INR 500 per night to as expensive as INR 20,000 per night, depending on the pocket of the travellers.

Tourists can also hire bikes to travel in the islands with ranging cost between INR 100- INR 500 a day. The travelling cost also varies with the different options to travel such as private jets, government operated ferry rides, buses, etc.

The food on this island can be a bit expensive ranging like INR 400 to more.

One can have a budget for travelling to this island according to their requirements. A day in this island can cost a person INR 2,000 to INR 15,000 depending on their pocket.

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