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Places to visit & Things to do in Andaman

The forever beautiful Andaman Beaches & Island

Turquoise water, bright sunny sky, golden beaches and untarnished vicinity makes Andaman island the ideal vacation destination. But apart from the mesmerizing beauty of the Archipelago of 572 islands that makes Andaman perfect for the spending holidays, this island also offers the tourist an opportunity to experience water sports and adventure sports to keep them enthralled on the lovely vacations of theirs.

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Top things to do in Andaman

  • Snorkelling at North Bay and Elephant Beach – Snorkelling is an exotic underwater activity and a fascinating way to explore and observe the underwater marine life of this pristine island. Snorkelling is a pleasure activity and much more compelling than it looks from outside, owing to its warm and clear water as well as its enthralling marine species. This exciting sport requires no special training as the person glides on the surface of water and anyone can enjoy this fascinating sport. Andaman island is home to the rarest varieties of coral reefs and tropical marine life, and the vacation won’t be complete until you get to witness these
  • Scuba diving – This is one of the most compelling activities to do in Andaman. There is always something new, challenging and enthralling about diving deep into underwater world. This is a popular activity typically done with a scuba set. The activity allows a person to stay much longer beneath the surface of water with the support of an oxygen cylinders. Perhaps, giving more time to the person to explore and observe the astonishing flora and fauna and exquisite marine life underwater according to their time and space.
  • Glass bottom boat ride – A fusion of excitement and relaxation, glass bottom boat rides lets you investigate the exquisite marine life of the mesmerising Andaman Islands while enjoying the boat ride. The small boat, which can accommodate four to six people inside has the bottom surface made of glass to let the tourists enjoy the view of the water species underwater as the boat sails on the water. It is one of the best activity in Andaman if you’re scared of activities like scuba diving and snorkelling. This activity offers an opportunity to explore the colourful corals and underwater marine life while you sit on a boat comfortably without being in the waters. This is one of the unique things to do in Andaman.
  • Birdwatching -Birdwatching, also known as birding refers to the activity of observing the distinct feathered creatures with naked eyes or by using visual enhancement equipment such as binoculars. Andaman is abode to hundreds of distinct species of birds including sea eagles, parakeets and emerald doves, to name a few. Chidhiya Tapu is a serene and small place ideal for birdwatching and spending some quality time in the mother nature’s lap. While birding, normally an essential auditory component is used because a number of times, immense number of bird’s species are easily spotted as well as identified by the ear as compared spotting by the eyes. Birdwatchers partake in this activity for social or recreation reasons as compared to ornithologists who observes and study birds for scientific study of birds.
  • Sea walking – Sea walking in Andaman is the newest and the most enthralling way of exploring and enjoying the exquisite marine life of the islands. This activity is full of fun and excitement as it is one of the most direct ways of investigating the mesmerising underwater marine life of the area. The thrilling and close encounter with fascinating fauna, rich corals, and an extensive muster of fishes in their natural habitat is an adventurous experience to remember for lifetime. Colourful fishes, coral reefs and distinguished marine life forms you’ve never witnessed before would be swimming right in front of your face. To know swimming is not an eligibility to go for a sea walk. Person can breathe normally under a glass helmet with a transparent visor that is placed on the head. North Bay beach is the finest place for sea walking in the whole of Asia. Sea walking is truly a experience to remember, especially for non-divers.

  • Trekking Home to an amazing topography which is suffice to enthral even the laziest of people to walk and explore more of this topography by taking a short trek, Andaman and Nicobar is one of the ideal destination for trekking into the wild. Trekking in Andaman means exploring the distinct aspects of the majestic island that constitutes of untarnished natural beauty and unparalleled experience. God has blessed this island with abundance of numerous hills, which becomes ideal tracks for trekking. The rugged rocky stretches, dense tropical rainforest, mixed with some rare wildlife and unique plants, making up to 270 avifauna species and over 2200 different species for plants, all compel trekkers to push their limits to explore yet another unexplored area of this of this surreal island, making trekking truly one of the most rewarding activity in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. There are numerous trekking trails in Andaman among which 2 of them are extremely popular. The 16 km long, Mount Harriet – The Madhuban Trek, is one of them. The speciality of this wilderness trek are the variety of wild animals, exotic birds and colourful butterflies. The other one is Diglipur famous for being the highest point on this island, verdant foliage, 6 types of native trees, 13 native avifauna species and 36 insect species.
  • Mangrove Creek Safari – The Andaman Island, the picturesque archipelago in India, in not only famous for relaxing on golden beaches with white sand and all the water sports here, but it is also famous for sheltering tropical rainforest and mangroves. The distinct feature of Andaman, mangrove trees and shrubs grow in shallow and brackish water, these mangroves are considered to be the best in the country in terms of growth and density. Mangrove creek safari offers a number of stirring opportunities. Travelling through the nature made tunnel of the thick mangrove forest can be deemed as one truly mesmerising experience to gain, while soaking in the immense beauty of this island. It is no less than a paradise for photographers and nature lovers.

Places to visit

  • Cellular Jail – Also known as Kaala Paani, Cellular Jail was a colonial prison located at a distance of 1.5 km from Central Bus Stand in Port Blair. The prison was known to keep many famous Indian freedom fighters during the struggle for India’s independence. Today, the complex serves as a national memorial and is now a major tourist attraction in Andaman and Nicobar Island.
    During the British rule, Indian activists were sent to this jail and were treated with severe tortures. The construction began in 1896 and was completed in 1906 and the name was given ‘Cellular’ because it was made up of individual cells and intended for the sole purpose of imprisonment only. The building was initially of 7 storeys but after the damage, there are only 3 storeys remaining now and after independence, it was turned into a national memorial and is seen as sacred site dedicated to Indian freedom fighters of the country.
    The light and sound show which depicts the tale of various Indian freedom fighters and their struggles takes place in the evening inside the jail and is one of the prime attraction.
  • Radhnagar Beach – Located at 65 km from Port Blair Central Bus stand and 11 km from Havelock, is the most famous beach of Andaman and Nicobar, the pristine Radhanagar Beach, also known as number 7 beach, is situated on the south coast of Havelock Island. Radhanagar beach was crowned amongst top 10 beaches of Asia and amongst best beaches in the world by the Times Magazine, about a decade ago but it has maintained its reputation all along till date. The picturesque beach with the curve white sand and turquoise blue water lined by swaying palms, makes up for the perfect spot to bask in between of the Nature’s bounty. The white sands stretch over for 2 kilometres and are 30-40 metres wide, making it soothe to walk on beach sided by the lush and verdant trees offering tourists an opportunity to unwind and relish the tranquillity of the beach.
  • Mount Harriet National Park – A true travellers delight, Mount Harriet national park is located at a distance of 48 km from Port Blair at a height of 365 metres, making it the second highest point of this island. It is one of the nearest wilderness filled area from Port Blair. The place is shown on the back side of 20 rupees note in India. Andaman has 9 national parks and Mount Harriet is the most beautiful of them all. The place is a must visit place if you’re in Andaman and Nicobar Islands as it is blessed with an array of untarnished natural beauty. The peak offers some of the most breath-taking views of the sunrise, sunsets and the tranquil waves of azure water hitting the beaches in Andaman. You can also get to hear the melodious chirping of the birds and the whistle of the winds flowing through the leaves of the thick trees as this National Park is far from any kind of noise except the sound of the natural jungle.
    There is also a forest lodge inside the national park if you plan on staying the night inside the park. It is a perfect place to relax yourself for a day or two.
  • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park -Mahatma Gandhi National Park, also known as Wandoor National Park is situated in Wandoor at about 29 km from Port Blair, away from the bustle of the city life. The park covers an area of 281.50 square km. The park was established in 1983 and is a heaven for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers. The park is a collection of 15 untouched islands with most attracting coral reefs and varied marine lies in the country. This national park is endowed with different kinds of colourful fishes, coral reefs, salt water crocodiles, molluscs, starfish, turtle, shells and many other. In addition, over 270 species of feathered creatures call this park their abode including Swifts, Andaman teal, waders, terns, parakeets and white bellied sea eagles. The white sand beaches and clear blue water offers amazing recreational activities opportunities like scuba diving and snorkelling, trekking and camping. Jolly boy and red skin are two islands here which are worth visiting from the perception of a tourist.
  • Elephant Beach – Nestled amidst the Havelock Island, Elephant Beach is located at about 65 km from Port Blair and 10 km from the Havelock ferry ghat. Elephant beach is an ideal destination for water sports and leisure activities like snorkelling, mirror boat rides and so on. It can also be the perfect spot for just lazing around on the golden beach. Visit the beach in early morning to have a wonderful experience of spotting the fire ball at its clement form rising up the horizon. Also, the exotic and vibrant birds act as icing on the cake. Being famous for its coral reef, sea walking is also a popular activity done by the tourist in Elephant Beach. Enthralling marine life and coral reef structure will make you visit this place frequently.
  • Chidiya Tapu Blessed with green landscapes, verdant forest, beautiful beaches, rich corals and an immense number of exotic bird species, Chidiya Tapu is one of the most beautiful destination in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. Also known as bird island, Chidiya Tapu is located 25km from Port Blair in the archipelago of Andaman Islands. Chidiya Tapu is adored by nature lovers as well as adventure enthusiasts. The island is quite popular for the rich collection of birds, colourful butterflies, orchids and white spotted deer. The island shelters 46 species of avifauna such as hanging parrot, drongos, emerald doves, scarlet minivet, red breasted and long tailed parakeets, grey fronted and green pigeons, white bellied sea eagles, to name a few of them. This lesser known secret of Andaman, Chidiya Tapu also provides the opportunity of witnessing the mesmerising view of sun going down on the horizon. Tourists prefer to not miss this opportunity as it’s a very beautiful sunset point.

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